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When it comes to home security Las Vegas homeowners need a reliable company with efficient and affordable options. NSA security alarms has protected Las Vegas homeowners as one of the most trusted local alarm companies for over 10 years. was made to help you continue to protect your home and family with the most reliable 24/7 alarm monitoring in the industry and the most advanced home security equipment available.

Our experience has allowed us to consistently meet and exceed the needs of our customers. We only work with the most secure and reliable technology. We take pride in installing quality security systems that combine smart home technology, advanced home automation, hazard detection, medical emergency response, and home video surveillance.

We even offer secured AI detection services that allow your entire system to alert you of suspicious activity in real-time, all while protecting your privacy on an encrypted security platform.

Reliability for your home 

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24/7 Reliability

NSA Alarms can set you up with the best alarm monitoring in the industry. This includes the fastest response time and the most reliable alarm equipment, to ensure 24/7 home security.

Encrypted wireless communication

Wireless alarm systems provide added security from criminals that may attempt to cut your phone or power lines. Don’t pay an extra bill for your phone line if you don’t need to, our alarms have a cell chip built-in!

Verified Monitoring with Two-Way Voice

Our Alarm systems utilize direct two-way voice communication with the monitoring station, which provides immediate alarm verification. This allows us to dispatch the help you need – when you need it.

Monitor and control from your phone

Monitor and control your home security from anywhere using our mobile app. This will also unlock the world of Smart Home technology and Smart Video Surveillance, allowing you to protect your home from your phone.

las vegas home security smartphone app

Whether you have an existing home alarm or you are looking to have one of our new smart home security systems installed, National Security Alarms can help you find an affordable and effective security package to meet your needs and budget. We offer all of the latest Smart Home Automation and Home Video Surveillance in addition to our burglar alarm systems. Ask about our smart security cameras with motion detection cloud recording and live remote monitoring, as well as the different smart home devices that can give you the power to manage your home from anywhere.



Protecting families for 10 years with reliable home security las vegas homeowners can trust


Smart Home Automation

We offer all of the latest and greatest in smart home security and automation. From smart door locks for added security and control to smart thermostats that improve energy efficiency and comfort in your home. Check out more information on how to automate your home with smart home devices that make it simple and safe.

Video Surveillance

Smart Video Surveillance makes your home security 100% more effective.
We give you the opportunity to verify and keep an eye on the safety of your home from almost anywhere in the world! Our smart security app from allows you to view your cameras remotely, notifies you of unexpected motion in or around your home and even saves these motion clips to the cloud where they are safe and easy for you to access. In addition to the advanced security our smart video cameras provide, we also offer convenience. Our smart doorbell video cameras ensure you will never miss a guest or another package delivery. When you consider that close to 1 out of 3 burglars enter through the front door, it’s a smart idea.

Home Security

We only offer the best of the best. As a result, we can provide better service and equipment at a much better price. See our different options to find out how to get simple, smart and safe security for your home today.

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We only offer the best of the best. As a result, we can provide better service and equipment at a much better price. See our different options to find out how to get simple, smart and safe security for your home today.