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Encrypted video surveillance systems for your Las Vegas home or business

Keeping an eye on your home these days is important, but it should not come at the expense of your comfort or privacy. When you work with us, we connect you with the most reliable and secure technology available.  By using professional encrypted home security cameras, we help keep you safe in more ways than one. We also make sure you’re set for the future with the best lifetime warranties and simplified technical support resources from knowledgeable home security advisors.

AI-Powered home security cameras with  

Full HD resolution and 2-way audio

Our security cameras are built for a superior level of protection for your home. Optimized full HD resolution and 2-way audio for minimal buffering and better monitoring of your home. View crystal clear footage in 1080p resolution, even in low-light conditions with automated infrared night vision. Built-in 2-way audio features allow you to communicate with anyone on your property, so you can scare off intruders or those annoying solicitors (like the ones our competitors use 😅). With our smart home security cameras, you can have peace of mind knowing that your property is just a click or swipe away with our mobile monitoring app that brings all your home security devices together in one place.

Smart AI-powered threat detection

Monitor and control your home security from anywhere using our mobile app. This will also unlock the world of Smart Home technology and Smart Video Surveillance, allowing you to protect your home from your phone.

Advanced motion detection and virtual tripwires

Most of the cameras you get will have motion detection these days. The problem is that these features can work against your ability to secure your property a lot of the time. By enabling advanced motion detection zones, and virtual trip wires, our cameras are 100% more effective in helping you keep an eye on your property. This is because you can program the cameras to only pay attention to important events, instead of alerting you every time the wind blows. By setting up ground zones, virtual tripwires and direction detection, you won’t have to worry about false alarms or irrelevant notifications from your cameras every time a car drives by. This will also help you save on cloud storage by making sure your cameras only record when someone approaches your property, rather than having tons of clips from you leaving for work every morning. Unimportant recordings and notifications can lead to you ignoring alerts, but with our advanced camera settings, we help you only pay attention to what really matters. We help you save your time, patience, and property from real threats.

Hacker-proof Cameras with end-to-end Encryption

What I am about to tell you might make me some enemies, but it’s the truth, and every person in the world should be aware if they aren’t already: Big tech companies, government agencies and evil hackers want to spy on you and your family! 😲

The reasons vary, but none of them are looking out for your interest or helping you protect your privacy. When you get cheap cameras on amazon, or buy gadgets from your local best buy, most of the time large corporations who manufacture these devices are looking to make even more money by selling your data and preying on your privacy. Amazon, who owns Ring (the popular doorbell camera) has been caught several times for allowing their own employees to access your footage, selling your data to government agencies, and using unsecure technology that allows hackers to easily gain access to your most personal place, your home. 

We combat these bad actors by using technology that helps with your home and cyber security. Most of our products come with standard end-to-end encryption to prevent the spies and evil-doers of the world from tampering with your security or invading your privacy. 


Encrypted security camera streaming

Wireless alarm systems provide added security from criminals that may attempt to cut your phone or power lines. Don’t pay an extra bill for your phone line if you don’t need to, our alarms have a cell chip built-in!

las vegas home security smartphone app

Whether you have an existing home alarm or you are looking to have one of our new smart home security systems installed, National Security Alarms can help you find an affordable and effective security package to meet your needs and budget. We offer all the latest Smart Home Automation and Home Video Surveillance in addition to our burglar alarm systems. Ask about our smart security cameras with motion detection, cloud recording and live remote monitoring, as well as the different smart home devices that can give you the power to manage your home from anywhere.



Protecting families for 10 years with reliable home security las vegas homeowners can trust

Smart Home Automation

We offer all of the latest and greatest in smart home security and automation. From smart door locks for added security and control to smart thermostats that improve energy efficiency and comfort in your home. Check out more information on how to automate your home with smart home devices that make it simple and safe.

Video Surveillance

Smart Video Surveillance makes your home security 100% more effective.
We give you the opportunity to verify and keep an eye on the safety of your home from almost anywhere in the world! Our smart security app from allows you to view your cameras remotely, notifies you of unexpected motion in or around your home and even saves these motion clips to the cloud where they are safe and easy for you to access. In addition to the advanced security our smart video cameras provide, we also offer convenience. Our smart doorbell video cameras ensure you will never miss a guest or another package delivery. When you consider that close to 1 out of 3 burglars enter through the front door, it’s a smart idea.

Home Security

We only offer the best of the best. As a result, we can provide better service and equipment at a much better price. See our different options to find out how to get simple, smart and safe security for your home today.

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We only offer the best of the best. As a result, we can provide better service and equipment at a much better price. See our different options to find out how to get simple, smart and safe security for your home today.